Air Quality

Measuring the quality of our air

The weather forecast is a useful tool we rely on to help us plan everything from the clothes we wear to the activities we do. Did you know there’s another type of forecast that’s also available to us? It’s called the Air Quality Index (AQI).

What is AQI?

The AQI is a fast and effective way to find out what today’s air pollution levels will be in our community. Ground-level ozone and particle pollution are two of the most common air pollutants measured by the AQI.

What is the current AQI in my community?

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Protect Yourself

We’re exposed to pollution any time we breathe polluted air. But when you exercise, do yard work or other strenuous activities that increase your breathing rate, you take more pollution into your lungs.

You can reduce your exposure by using AQI forecasts to help you plan your day. When the forecast calls for elevated levels of pollution, protect your health by reducing your exposure – particularly if you are in a sensitive group.

How do you reduce your exposure when air quality is poor?

Reschedule strenuous activities for times when air quality is expected to be better. Take it a little easier. You can cut back on vigorous activities, such as walking instead of jogging. These small changes can help you protect your lungs and heart.

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