Why is Houston’s air quality so poor?

How does it affect our health?

Air pollutants are substances in the air that can have a negative effect on our health. Your Body, Your Air explores four common types of air pollutants and their sources in the Houston area, as well as the effect these pollutants have on our bodies and our communities.

Together we can work towards healthier air, healthier bodies, and healthier communities.

Particulate Matter

The air pollution that is most harmful to your health comes from tiny particles in the air that you can’t even see.  The pollution is called PARTICULATE MATTER (PM2.5), or soot, and it lodges into your lungs and causes inflammation. In Houston, large areas of the city have PM2.5 levels that exceed health-based government standards. Houston’s PM2.5 pollution led to more than 5,200 premature deaths in just one year.

To protect your health learn how air pollution can impact your outdoor activities.

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Effects of pollution on our lungs

Learn about common air pollutants and their effects on health by clicking on the videos below.

Particulate Matter

Where Does Houston’s Air Pollution Come From?

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are a group of poisonous, highly reactive gases that form when fuel is burned at high temperatures. Reducing NOx emissions from major sources like transportation and industry will lead to cleaner air in our city.

The Clean Houston of the Future
You can make a difference. Learn ways to reduce pollution in your community.